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Soggiorno come un local a Roma (or Stay Like a Local in Rome)

>> Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Doug and I love to vacation in cities. We love the history, the museums, the restaurants. Unfortunately those things don’t interest the girls in the least. So while large cities are on our list of places to visit they are further down as the girls need to be older to enjoy them with us (a lesson we learned in Dublin when Brenna was one).

One city we do plan to visit is Rome. It’s about #5 on our list right now which will make Brenna 14 and Caelan 12 when we go. But just because it’s down our list a ways doesn’t mean that I’m not looking at travel resources when they come my way.

One of the biggest expenses you have when you travel anywhere is lodging. I added www.vacationrentalrome.com to my travel favorites just the other day. I really like this site not only because I can find a discount Rome hotel but because I can view other options- like B&Bs, rental apartments or even villas. And I can narrow my choice by location.

For myself, personally, I would choose the Monteverde area and rent an apartment. It’s residential so you would “live” and blend in with the locals but it’s also well connected to what you want to see. Because, while it’s nice to visit a city it’s even better to experience it like a local.


~*~Jenni~*~ 10:08 AM  

You're right. I would have to think it would be easier travelling with kids to stay in an apartment than a hotel. Would be a lot more relaxing for sure!

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