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Maybe Just Smooth Out the Wrinkles

>> Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sometimes I can sit at my computer and without really knowing how I will click around until I end up on a site that I really have no intention of spending time on. And then I will get so engrossed in what I am seeing that I spend quite a bit of time there.

Because I have no intention of ever getting plastic surgery yet I spent about 20 minutes looking at before and after photos on the Aesthetic Wellness Center’s website.

It’s not that I have anything against plastic surgery, I just don’t think it’s right (or necessary) for me. But then I see these great photos of brow lifts and Boston rhinoplasty and I think that just maybe a “little work” might not be so bad. Maybe least a little Botox to smooth away the crows feet. Or a few peels to help rid my face of the sun damage that is showing itself now.

And then I click around a little more and see that the Aesthetic Wellness Center works with the Face to Face Domestic Violence Program offering free facial reconstruction to those who have been victims of domestic violence. Which makes me feel incredibly vain about my wrinkles… But it would also make me feel good about giving my business to a doctor that helps the community.


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