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My Kitchen is Filled With the Scent of Fresh Baked Bread

>> Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Is there anything that smells better? I think not...

So, anyway, my bread is done. I don't think I made it long and thin enough to actually call them baguettes...

Fab Food Friday 111

So I think we'll go with "artisan". Either way they smell delish. The Irish Tea Cake is in the refrigerator and I have two chocolate cakes to bake yet today (so they can be refrigerated and frosted Saturday morning).

Caelan just stopped her newest "chant": "NO BED!!! NO BED!!! NO BED!!!" which we have been hearing every nap and bed time for the past week or so. No idea why it started but I really hope it ends soon. I feel awful leaving her standing at the door or her room (because she won't stay in bed) sobbing and screaming.

And I spent probably half an hour perusing Classmates.com. They sent me this email, you see, showing me the names of people who had just filled out info and one of them happened to be a guy I dated (who I was awful to, btw. I was a hideous teenager. Honestly. Someone should have beaten some sense in to me.) So I wasted time spent a few entertaining minutes snooping catching up with what my classmates have done. Not that I can see much as I don't have the "gold" package that allows me inside access.

It did make me think about my 20th (!!) class reunion which will happen next year. I haven't been to a single reunion yet... I was either too busy (5 year), out of the country (10 year) or extremely pregnant (15 year) every time one came around. And since we're planning a big "we're out of debt let's take a wonderful vacation" next September I may well be out of the country for the 20th... I guess we'll see...

Anyway, I should probably do something worth while... If you're looking for an amusing read, go check out my grocery shopping story.


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