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I Love Postcards

>> Thursday, July 31, 2008

OK, I may be out of the loop, but I only recently noticed the trend of inserting RSVP cards in with invitations. Weddings, birthdays, dinner parties… It seems like every invitation I receive lately has a postcard to be returned.

Which is a really good idea. I gotta admit I am a stickler for RSVPs so having Postcards custom made for that purpose kinda makes me giddy.

I was actually hanging out over at VistaPrint earlier this week working on invites for my brother and SIL’s wedding party when I thought about custom designing Postcards for RSVPs. The possibilities are really endless… With VistaPrint’s easy to use templates you can upload photos and add text until you have your own perfect creation.

And then I saw that you can get 50 free oversized Postcards just by using this code: PC50. Sweet!

And I began imagining what I could use postcards for. Here’s my list:
*Thank you cards for birthday gifts
*Christmas cards (saves on postage!)
*New Year’s Party invites
*Change of address cards (no, we aren’t moving but I’m still hoping Doug will get an offer in the UK)
*Custom notecards to give as gifts to great grandparents

What do you like to use postcards for?


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