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>> Monday, July 21, 2008

A new photo studio opened here a few weeks ago. Since they sent out a coupon I thought I would try them out and get a picture of the girls in the dresses I just couldn't pass by at Younker's a month ago.

The studio is called Cl!x and I was in hopes that I would love it. And I'm just not sure.
The photo session itself was fine. The lady who did the pictures was quite good with the girls- although Caelan was very stingy with her smiles.
But it was what happened after that leaves me wondering about this place. First of all, the only prices listed- anywhere- begin at two sheets for $50. Of course that includes the sitting fee, but jeeze, that's steep. And then there are the "extras" that are on a "points" system. No money, just points. That you "earn" as you spend more money. I hate things like that. Just give me prices. None of this other crap.
But I stuck to my plan of just "checking them out" and left, paying only for my one pose package for $9.95. Because this is a same day photo place we went next door for ice cream while our photos printed.
When I returned to get the pictures they weren't done. Nor were they done when Doug stopped by on his way home to get them. It seems that their printers weren't really big enough to print the two HUGE orders of the ladies who were in before me. So my "same day" pictures... weren't.

I was not impressed. I really felt like this was going to be an overpriced studio with too many gimmicks for me. And it still may be. But they kind of made up for the frustration I felt when I picked up the pictures the next morning.
Because they gave me copies of the second pose I loved. (Look at the toes. Awww...) And they gave me a coupon for a free 8x10 the next time I go in.
Well, crud. Maybe I'll try them again. They're still new... Maybe I shouldn't judge them harshly.
This time...


Melody 10:52 PM  

Those pictures are so cute! I haven't gotten my kids pictures taken professionally in years. My favorite place is Portrait Innovations by Jordan Creek but once everybody found out about it, it became impossible to get in.

Fantastagirl 11:05 PM  

Great pictures of the girls. I need to get a professional photo of Tink and Pan - haven't had one since '04... Wonder why the grandparents haven't said something?

Tamara B 8:47 AM  

oh so adorable. i need to get some done of my kiddos and keep thinking it will go in the budget the next month. But each month brings other needs that come first.

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