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Cut Costs- Not Speed- on Your Internet Access

>> Thursday, July 10, 2008

So you all know that we have downsized A LOT in an attempt to cut our costs. One thing we can’t cut out, though, is out internet access. Not only does Doug need it for work- I do too! But you can be sure we looked in to cutting our costs without cutting our bandwidth.

Unfortunately we don’t live in an area where we can get Charter internet but IF YOU DO check out this deal:

  • Now thru July 31 you can get high speed internet (up to 5Mbps) for $14.99 per month
  • If you order online (through the link above) you will also receive a $25 Shell gas card
  • Charter high speed internet comes with Security Suite Æ to protect you from viruses
  • It's fast...fast...fast...
  • And the offer is risk free - you can cancel after 30 days if you're not satisified

What's to lose? Nothing but the dial tone...

See if you're in Charter internet territory today and take advantage of this great offer!

Sponsored by Charter


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