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Baking Day! It's Baking Day!

>> Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Is it only me or does anyone else get a little Backyardigans "Racing Day" going through their head?

Baking Day, it's baking day
Baking Day, it's baking day
It's not dead leaf raking day
Today's the day we bake!

Anyway, Baking Day was brought about because I need baguettes for lunch on Friday. They wanted $4 for a couple of small baguettes at the store so I decided to try to make my own.

Then Doug invited people over for the 4th of July (his mother is in Iowa now-long story,I'm not going in to it here- so it's his mom and both of his grandmothers. I thought about inviting a few people but I want self-entertaining people, not people I have to entertain. I've got enough on my hands.) and I had to expand my menu. And I have a family reunion Saturday.

So right now I have bread raising and an Irish Tea Cake in the oven (to be served with strawberries Friday) and a new chocolate cake recipe to make after that is out of the oven.

The girls, of course, are helping...

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