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Fox Deal or Dud

>> Friday, July 11, 2008

Remember the eyeglass website I mentioned a few days ago… ZenniOptical.com? Well, Fox News did a Deal or Dud piece on them.

Click to see Zenni on Fox

Since I had been putting off ordering from them due to not being completely sure of what I might get this test has made me think that it is completely an option for my glasses. I don’t wear them much and this is so much more affordable. Yep, definitely an option.


The Fritz Facts 8:20 PM  

I wear glasses everyday, and I might be trying this. My glasses can be almost $200, and that is hard when money is so much tighter these days.

Thanks for another great tip!!

Jennifer 9:29 AM  

I just got new glasses, and it's driving me nuts trying to get use to them again.

Between my mom and I we got 4 pairs of glasses for 759.00 and her glasses are more money then mine because of her prescription.

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