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I Should Have Known

>> Thursday, July 24, 2008

I was doing dishes and laundry. The girls weren't really impressed with my housekeeping abilities so they went upstairs to play in their room. Ahhh... I love that.

I finished what I was doing and ran downstairs to grab my computer and the monitor so I could listen to them better. But I wasn't so worried. I could hear laughter and they seemed to be having fun.

Then I listened to the monitor and heard... Wait, is that water? What are they doing?

So, stupid me, I ask. "Brenna, what are you doing?"

"Playing in the bathroom."

Up the stairs I ran. To find both girls perched on top of the vanity, feet splashing in the full sink, both of them drenched. Did I mention that the bathroom floor had standing water on it? And that the rug was soaked?

I grab each child from the sink, give them a swat (which phased them not at all) and sent them to their room. And then I yelled. "I've told you not to play in the bathroom! Why don't you listen to me? Do you know what you've done?" (yeah, they didn't really do anything that was unfixable but, darn it, what else could I say without spewing lots of words they shouldn't hear?)


I cooled down by mopping up water with towels, tossing out ruined toilet paper from under the vanity and emptying drawers of their flooded contents.

Afterwards my kids played in their room, still in their wet clothes, like nothing happened.

I never bothered to change them...


The Fritz Facts 6:57 PM  

The joys! Boo climbed into the kitchen sink once. At least she had her swimsuit on...

Melody 8:54 PM  

What would we do if our children actually did listen to us? That would be heaven on earth.

Laine 10:39 AM  

I think it's funny that the worst things our children do end up being the best to write about! I love the ending! :)

Jennifer 6:32 PM  

Oh boy! I wouldn't have changed them either lol.

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