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>> Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A baby born alive during abortion attempt was stabbed to death by the nurse doing the abortion.

Killing the baby outside the womb or killing the baby and then pulling out the corpse does the same thing, in my book.

More cluelessness from the media.


CC Huff 6:36 PM  

I heard on the radio recently that there is a man advocating abortion up to 2 years of age because an infant cannot comprehend the meaning of tomorrow. This is the same man who is advocating human rights for apes in Spain. People just keep getting sicker.

Sally 9:41 PM  

I can not comprehend how people can see abortion as NOT murder. A man who kills a pregnant woman is charged with killing 2 people, yet a woman can kill her own child?? I don't get it...especially after being pregnant and seeing that heartbeat flicker at 6 weeks gestation. How amazing is our God??!

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