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And A Hectic 3rd of July to You, Too

>> Thursday, July 03, 2008

When I was planning my menu for this week I said to Doug, "Friday is the 4th. Do we have any plans or can we just veg?"

Proving once again that he only hears part of what I say he replied, "No plans. We can relax."

And so I went on to make my grocery list and plan for nothing special on the 4th.

Monday evening Doug came home from work... "Friday is the 4th."

"Yes," I replied,"I know."

"It's a holiday; I don't work."

"Yes," I said again. "I know."

"Well, I won't get paid (curse of the contractor) so I need to put in some extra hours this week."

"I thought you might," I said.

And that was the end of that conversation. It didn't really change our plans fo the 4th, I just thought it was funny- if not typical of husbands and wives.


Shortly after 10 pm Monday Doug's cell phone rang. Noone calls that late unless it's bad news. Seeing that the caller ID had Doug's uncle's name on it only enhanced that suspicion.

It seemed that Doug's mother had left her home in Texas- taking clothes and family photos- and was gone. Noone knew where she was, although our suspicions led us to believe that she was enroute to Iowa. (A few phone calls confirmed that hunch.)

And so the next day when Doug spoke to his mom he invited her and his grandmother down for the 4th.

OK, no problem, I can throw together a little cook out with what I have on hand and maybe just a couple of items (because there is no way I am busting my carefully planned budget the first week on it!)

Forward to Tuesday evening. We are putting the girls to bed when Doug's cell phone rings. It's his other grandmother. She was calling about a computer Doug had given her years ago and, of course, the conversation led to Friday (and the fact that noone was coming to see her and both of her kids are too far away for her to easily visit- cue the tiny violin). OK, she was asking for an invite... Which she got.

Which... Complicates things. Oh, not so much in the way of food... I'm pretty sure they will all bring something. No, it just adds stress and tension. Because, although Doug's parents have been divorced for, oh, probably 15 years (if not more), I know there are still hard feelings on both sides. I'll just say that things have been said to me that lead me to that conclusion.

So Friday should be interesting. Oh, they'll all be cordial. It will just be uncomfortably so.

The bright side to this cloud... I'll probably be too busy preparing food and watching the girls to have to be in the center of it too often. (Yep, that's the bright side. Not so shiny, is it?)

So today will be filled with cleaning and a tiny escape to the grocery store for just a few supplies.

Tomorrows menu, in case you're interested:
Mexican Dip with tortilla chips (a new recipe)
Pasta Salad (not from a recipe,I'll just toss some dressing, olives,
pepperoni chunks and fresh mozzarella in)
Chicken Burgers (a new recipe I'm excited to try)
Stuffed Mozzarella Burgers (also a new recipe)
Irish Tea
with fresh strawberries

I anticipate a potato salad (which one gradnmother brings to every dinner) and fresh corn on the cob (which Doug just called and said his mother was bringing) to round out the meal. I'll be surprised if a couple desserts don't come along, as well.

So now I'm off to change a diaper ("Pee pee, Mommy! Potty!), take a shower, dress the girls, clean something, head to the grocery store, clean something else and maybe get a new recipe up over at Fab Food Friday. Surely I have something picnic worthy waiting to be shared...


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