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>> Saturday, July 05, 2008

A couple weeks ago Doug & I disconnected our cable. (gasp!) And you know… We really haven’t missed it. The girls eat their meals better without the TV on (yes, I know it shouldn’t have been on but it was so much easier at breakfast and lunch time), they ask to watch less TV now that it’s turned off and, to be honest, it wasn’t on all that much anyway.

Because we had the DVR we rarely watched commercials and were, honestly, often confused when people would mention that their kids “had to have something” they saw on TV. It just didn’t happen at our house.

Instead we learn about most stuff online. Either from recommendations from other bloggers or by doing a search and researching what we are looking for. So blog ads, like those I do for IZEA, made much more of an impression on me than TV advertising. Reading a review from someone I read often, someone I trust, makes much more of an impact on me than a 30 second commercial.

If you’re a advertiser looking to really open up your market look into IZEA’s offerings- PayPerPost and SocialSpark. With free-style ads, blog sponsorships and (my favorite!) product sampling you have the opportunity to reach millions of people in hundreds of ways. For a lot less than you would pay for one television ad that most people fast forward through.


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