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It's Gonna Be Huge

>> Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My home gym has ceased to be a home gym. Now it's garage sale room. Yes... Quite sadly I have clothing hanging from my pulldown bar. There are so many boxes and containers in the room that I can't use my elliptical machine. In fact it's difficult to squeeze through the room to get to the actual storage room to retrieve the vacuum!

Oh, yeah, this is going to be one huge sale.

I placed my ad in our local paper today. It's a long ad. Lots of stuff... little girl's clothing, boy's clothing, IKEA storage, changing table, kitchen cart/island, toddler bed & mattress, books, CDs, DVDs, games, computers...

And the list goes on and on... And more is getting added all the time. I actually posted on Craig's List!

Because it is going to be so big I will be preparing for it all week. Yep, this weekend's plans center around completely cleaning our garage out, hanging bikes and trailers, and positioning things in a very open way, so as to accommodate all the people who will descend upon my home.

Tables will hold computers set up to test before purchase. Another will have a CD player. I'll even have the laptop out there so people can test DVDs if they want to. No changing rooms, though.

I'm even selling one of my all-time-favorite-things: our In Step Stroller/Backpack. We toted Brenna all over Ireland in this and Caelan probably covered most of central Iowa. And you can't get them anymore. Best thing EVER!

We are selling so much stuff that the girls are afraid I might put a price on them! HA! Like anyone would buy them! But, like I said, it's gonna be huge. And very well organized.

If you're interested in the Craig's List-ing let me know- I'll drop it to you in an email.


Sincerely Iowa 4:13 PM  

I'm doing mine this week, and it is SOOO overwhelming! I have put an ad on craigslist, and I'm thinking of freecycling everything that is left. We don't really have a local paper, so I'm going to ask my neighbors how the heck they advertise for stuff like this... good luck on your sale!

Paula Reece 4:23 PM  

Ooh, send me your craigslist list...not that I need to bring more stuff into MY home, but your IKEA storage mention really piqued my interest! :)

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