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Possible Withdrawl- A Copy & Paste from Earlier

>> Monday, July 28, 2008

So… It’s not quite 7 am and I am sitting at the kitchen table without internet… Ugh. Without internet. Inconceivable!

So what do I need to share today?

How about the irony I feel when I look outside at my flooded backyard and remember the landscaping contractor saying to me, “It going to be a dry summer.” We got over 3” of rain last night and the creek rose rapidly. I could take more pictures but why bother? You’ve seen them here and it looks pretty much the same.

Doug, my brothers and my BIL helped my dad move yesterday. He is now in a townhome here in our little ‘burb. I was kind of surprised when I heard that as I thought he was wanting to stay closer to my brother on the south side of town. Lots of stuff was added to my garage sale- washer & dryer, refrigerator, a bajillion pieces of hoilday decor...

Did I mention that I am without internet? The DSL modem went out yesterday afternoon and the technical support guy just went ahead and put in an order for a new one. I suppose it’s time since this modem has been with Doug longer than I have.

So I will be visiting my brother’s house daily until I get hooked up again. I figure it’s the best place to go- they have wireless internet, toys and cable TV. It will be almost like being at home (but with cable!). So if you’re emailing me don’t expect a prompt reply. (edited to add: my brother has DishNetwork. I have no idea why, but their remote control is impossible for me to operate. Can't. Figure. It. Out.)

If I must be forced to find a silver lining in all this I suppose it’s that I have a garage full of stuff that needs organized and priced so I’m gonna be too busy to miss my interent.

HA! Like that could happen! But at least I’ll keep busy…


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