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Like You Want to Hear It... More Garage Sale Stuff

>> Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yes, the garage sale is taking up most of my time. Here's my garage so far:

garage sale 004 garage sale 005

As you can see it's pretty full. I'm working on rows. And in between the rows is the stuff that will go outside.

I should probably mention that there is still stuff in my basement and my sister, SIL and a friend from church still have stuff to bring over. Did I mention this is going to be HUGE?

I know I said that my dad brought over a bunch of stuff... Some of that stuff is art. Huge framed prints like this Carl Valente 30x24 matted and framed print ($150), a pair of Lena Y Liu limited edition floral arch prints matted & framed ($150 for the pair) and two Terry Doughty prints (The Good 'Ol Days and Come Rain or Shine) that are matted and framed ($50 each).

And I have a much loved pink leather laptop case from Wilson's Leather. My laptop is too big to fit in it. Which sucks becuase I love that bag... $20

garage sale 002

And so much more... Honestly, if you want it I probably have it... Here's the Craigs List link. See anything you need?


Melody 11:40 AM  

I don't know if I NEED anything but I am definitely going to be there. :)

Paula Reece 12:18 PM  

Oh, yeah. When does it start? I still haven't gotten my ikea stuff put away, but I'll be there...

Gotta love the deals!

The Fritz Facts 7:46 PM  

My goodness!! you have a ton. I wish I lived down there, I would so be there! We are having our late summer one next weekend. I can't wait!!

Good luck!!

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