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I Slept All Day

>> Sunday, July 06, 2008

Seriously. All. Freakin'. Day.

I dragged myself out of bed to go to church and when we got home I went straight to bed. And stayed there until Doug made me get up for dinner at 5:30.

And, you know, I think I could go right back and sleep more.

Not sure why I'm tired... It was a busy weekend but not that busy. My dermatologist has me taking otc allergy pills to see if the itchihg I have been experiencing will stop so maybe those have caught up to me? Or maybe it's the low front that's hovering over us?

Whatever it is I'm certainly not myself. I feel dim and dull.

And I really don't like it.


Jennifer 9:27 AM  

I may get a response of "bite your tongue", but maybe you're pregnant?

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