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Lightly Scented and Refreshing

>> Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I’ve never been a fan of those plug-in air fresheners. Quite often the scent was overpowering and just plan annoying after a while. Well, a couple days ago I received a free Renuzit TriScents to test. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to like it. I didn’t expect much difference from any other air freshener.

Luckily I can say I was wrong. I really like this product for a few reasons:
• It has three scents which change every 45 minutes so the smell doesn’t just hang in the air.
• You can set the intensity of the scents, so if you’re sensitive to smells (like I am) you can have just a light scent. In fact, Doug hasn’t mentioned the house “stinking” so I know the scent is light and not annoying.
• The “fresh meadows” trio, which I received isn’t a harsh scent; it’s very light and refreshing.


I’ve positioned the unit in the central hallway of my home- just off the kitchen (where garlic has a tendency to become overpowering) and outside the half bath (where Brenna tends to do her dirty work and Caelan is beginning potty training)- where we need the most freshness in our house but also where the scents will gently spread.

To try your own Renuzit TriScents visit www.triscents.com to print a coupon for a Starter Kit.
Sponsored by Renuzit TriScents


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