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Cord Blood Can Save Lives,Too

>> Monday, July 21, 2008

When I was pregnant with both my girls I read… A lot. If there was information out there I read it. New technology. Old home remedies. Online. Books. Magazines. You name it, I read it.

On thing I looked in to very seriously when I was pregnant with Caelan was banking her Cord Blood. At that time there was a lot of debate about Treating Diseases with Stem Cells but very few people were looking at The Value of Cord Blood and the stem cells that came from it. As I read more I wondered why so many people demanded we use the stem cells of aborted babies instead of the nourishing cord blood of healthy babies. It baffled me.

I looked in to Cryo-Cell, one of the largest and most established cord blood banks in the world. Ultimately I decided against it due to cost and our family’s health history. I, instead, decided to donate Caelan's cord blood to a public cord blood bank, where it could be used to help children (and adults) with diseases like leukemia, anemia, diabetes and cerebral palsy- among others.

I learned a couple things from this experience:
1) Public cord blood banks are full. This is very good news as more and more people are donating healthy cord blood for future use.
2) If there is any history of disease in your family storing the cord blood of your infant could, very possibly, save the life of someone you love.

This is definately something I suggest looking in to if you are pregnant, hoping to become pregnant or know someone who is.
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