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Cowboys in Dusty Wranglers and Women in Sparkly Dresses

>> Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We’re coming up to the Iowa State Fair here in just another week… How? How is summer already over? It rained all summer long. I want a do over…

Ahem. As I was saying the state fair is just around the corner. I was looking through the entertainment and schedules I was a bit dismayed to see that there is not a rodeo scheduled. Not at all. What? This is Iowa- the land of farms and cows. I remember going to rodeos at the county fair when I was growing up. How is it that our state fair has no rodeo?

But you know where there is a rodeo? In Las Vegas. In December (which is probably the best time to visit Vegas – the weather is temperate then). I know- it’s weird. But Vegas got the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in 1984 when they guaranteed greater cash prizes than the cowboys were receiving in Oklahoma City (where the rodeo had been held for 2 decades).

Ahhh, see… Now it all makes sense… It comes down to money. And, well, Vegas probably draws more of a crowd and where else can you see cowboys in dusty Wranglers mixing with sparkly women?

It almost makes me want to order some WNFR Tickets and book a flight to Vegas for December.

Actually that might not be a bad idea… I think 1” of rain is equal to 12” of snow and if this weather pattern doesn’t stop it may be the only chance we have to get out of here!


Fantastagirl 8:44 PM  

if you go to the state fair - be sure to get a picture of the butter cow... ;-)

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