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It's Official- We're Never Moving

>> Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The longer we take these financial courses the more it becomes apparent to me… We’re never moving. And it’s not that we won’t be able to afford to; it’s because by the time we have this house in the perfect condition to sell in the market that is building up around us it will actually be my dream home.

I’m not even kidding a little bit. Have you ever noticed that? People do all sorts of things to sell their homes- put in new carpet or even wood floors, paint, replace appliances- and then it’s almost like a new home so why sell it?

Hence- we’re never moving. Right now we are replacing almost all the windows on the front of our house. And, since we are doing that I am considering adding a bit of “interest” out there by putting up exterior shutters. Being a traditional sort of girl I really like the ones that actually work (you know, open and close and protect your windows). Not only are they fancy they are functional. I’ve even found a place online to order them from- with free shipping!

If you’re looking to add interest to the exterior of your home check out LarsonShutter.com and see what they offer. I like the faux wood with hardware…


The Fritz Facts 8:23 PM  

I love working shutters. The ones that don't work don't make sense to me.

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