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How Do Your Char Your Flesh?

>> Thursday, July 24, 2008

Doug and I have one big difference of opinion. So big, in fact, that it actually keeps me from firing up our grill. Ever.

No, it’s not that men are better at cooking over fire (where did they get that idea anyway?). It’s that he likes to actually cook over fire.

Yes, my husband prefers an open charcoal fire in his grill. And I am not a big fan of standing in smoke, no matter how nice the steak may taste. Electric BBQ Grills are more my speed. No fire to get out of control, less nasty black charring when it does (never if it does), and no messy charcoal.

Of course we have only one grill right now (his) but one day we will probably have two- and I’ve got mine picked out. The Electri-Chef Pedestal Base Electric Grill at QuickSupply.net (‘cuz they have free shipping. Just because I want the best doesn’t mean I’m gonna pay more than I have to!)

Of course I had to browse around their website and I found one that I may want even more- it mounts indoors into your kitchen island. Mmmm… grilled food all year long without standing in the cold (brrrr…) or in your garage (stupid!). Oh, yeah, that’s what I want!


Donna 10:54 PM  

I have to side with Doug on this one, electric has NO flavor. And if Doug is grilling in winter/garage why complain-he is doing it not you!

Jody 8:08 AM  

While I agree that charcoal does taste better we don't grill in the winter. The grill is too big to move and I won't let Doug grill in the garage anyway. So the island grill is really a perfect compromise. He grills over fire in the spring, summer and fall. I grill indoors in the winter.

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