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Happy Dance! Happy Dance! I Won!

>> Thursday, July 24, 2008

I know you will all be jealous when I tell you this- I actually won a contest! Yes, me. I never win. Ever! I won this totally cute ABC Album and Stickers from Paula. But you know what's even better? Since she lives right here in my town she delivered it and I got to meet her. Yep, see you're totally jealous 'cuz I have a bloggy friend that I can see in person.
Of course she came when the girls were winding down for bed so they were all wound up and showing off. And I was looking quite harried after the bathroom incident. So she may have just hung around for a little while so it didn't seem like she was rushing off...
But, back to my winnings... Paula is so kind that she is extending this great offer to all you losers everyone else: visit her Creative Memories website, check out all the great stuff that on sale and then email her your order- she'll give you another 15% off. She's good like that.


The Fritz Facts 6:30 AM  

Congrats Jody! So glad the giver of all won one!!

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