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It's Never too Early to Teach Your Kids About Money

>> Thursday, July 24, 2008

With the way Brenna's schedule works out this fall she will be eating lunch at preschool every Friday after she finishes gymnastics and before she goes to class. The preschool calls it "Lunch Bunch" and she'll be in in for an hour. She is very excited; eating lunch without Mommy is a very "big girl" thing to do.

Well, we were in Target the other day and the "Back to School" aisles beckoned me,like they always do. Paper, pencils, organizers, Trapper Keepers... I wish I was going to school...

Anyway, knowing the girls would both need crayons and glue sticks I grabbed some while they were on sale.

And then we passed the lunch totes. Nope, they're not lunch boxes anymore, now they are pretty little coolers with great characters on them. And Brenna instantly saw Tink. And wanted her.

Poor Brenna! Before Dave I probably would have bought it for her without a though. But I am on my budget, you see, and the school supplies budget is only $10 per month (they're in pre-school, they don't need much) and that pretty lunch tote would have eaten up the enitre month's budget.

So Brenna, knowing she had money in the bank from birthdays and change she "collected" from Mommy & Daddy, said she wanted to buy it herself.

To really drive the point home we went in to the bank and withdrew the money for her to spend. Caelan withdrew some money, too, because it wouldn't be fair for Brenna to get something and Caelan not.

Here is our little outing: bank, shopping and paying for our own goodies. Enjoy!


Anonymous 3:27 PM  

Thanks a lot!

Emily watched this with me and she is now crying and just said, "How come I don't have money. I don't even have one money. All my money you made me give to the bank."


I suppose we'll have to follow suit, eh?


The Fritz Facts 3:46 PM  

Such a great lesson!! When Hunter lost his gym uniform for the second time last year, his mom made him pay for it himself. He had to go to the bank and take out money. He is much more careful now that he paid for it himself.

Doug H 3:18 PM  

Here's a nice article that goes along with this.

Teach Kids About Money

Doug H 3:19 PM  

Or you can read Young Bucks: How to Raise a Future Millionaire

Jennifer 6:43 PM  

That was the super sweetest thing I've seen ever.

So proud of them :)

Anonymous 10:15 AM  

Very good - wish I had given you that type of training. I am very proud of you. Mom

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