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Help Planning Your Future- So Your Future Doesn't Plan You

>> Thursday, July 10, 2008

I shared my financial fitness score with you a couple of days ago- 88%. Not too shabby and above average for my age, gender and area. But I wasn’t always so “fit”. It’s taken a lot of reading, a lot of resources and a lot of willpower. It’s not always easy to admit when you need Debt help but the immense relief when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel- even though it may be a pin prick- is amazing and keeps pushing you forward.

Doug and I talk a lot about our future. We have lots of plans; plans that aren’t cheap. Besides sending the girls to college (which we plan to make them work for scholarships and such but pay off after they have finished but before the loans kick in) we also want to buy a motor home and wander the country, own a home in the British Isles and travel extensively. Oh, yeah, our plans aren’t cheap.

Right now we are working on Debt relief. Basically we are figuring out what we do and don’t need to survive and cutting out the unnecessary stuff. And, to be quite honest, we aren’t missing what we thought we couldn’t live without.

Of course our largest problem is Credit card debt. I am ashamed to admit that, but we have a plan and we are working our way through it. We did a Debt consolidation a while back to lower the interest rates and get rid of a bunch of payments. And, yes, we cut up the cards we consolidated so we wouldn’t charge them up again.


If you’re just beginning your journey to financial freedom pop over to BillsIQ, test yourself and find out your financial fitness. After the test they will show you the answers and give you tips on how to become more “fit”- things like a will, life insurance, and a 401K (or other retirement investments) will go a long way to getting you in shape.
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