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A "Broken Heart" is Worth $150,000

>> Friday, July 25, 2008

Seriously? This woman sued her ex-fiance for breach of contract because he called off the wedding and won $150,000?

Shell argued her fiance's promise of marital bliss amounted to a binding
contract. She said she left a high-paying job in Florida to be with Gibbs and
she said she has suffered financial losses since their break-up. She also said
she has suffered emotionally.

Who hasn't "suffered emotionally" from a break up? If that's the case there are a few guys I need to look up- I think I'm owed some monies.

There is a survey on the news website, though, and it seems that most right thinking people see this as just plain stupid.

I hope his lawyer is smart and appeals the ruling- maybe on the grounds of impersonating a person with money:
Gibbs testified that he had taken Shell on trips and paid $30,000 of her
debt while they were engaged. He said when he found out she had even more

'Cuz I would have dumped her, too.

Think she'll use the money to pay off her debt?


Fantastagirl 10:14 PM  

I saw this on the news and was shocked, now men are going to need pre-engagment agreements. I disagree with this settlement, the poor guy would have been better off to marry her, and then get a divorce.

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