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Help Me Win My Dream Job!

>> Wednesday, July 23, 2008

OK, who here doesn’t know about my dream job? Really? How could you miss it? Well, if you have, my dream job is to travel and share where we go, what we do and how we do it with two kids- and remain sane!

I just entered the Dream Job For a Day contest at FutureResume.com. Here’s my video resume: (warning! Cute kids!)

Help me to win my chance at my dream job! Just click the link... Yeah, that one there... Where it says dream job... Check out my video & vote for me.

Of course you could always make your own video for your own dream job.


Jody 2:53 PM  

You could even give me love like Paula and post my video on your blog! :)

The Fritz Facts 9:26 PM  

How fabulous! Voted for you!!

Kyle Lobner 11:25 AM  

Voted, good luck!

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