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>> Saturday, July 26, 2008

Spent the morning cleaning the garage, attempting to arrange things a bit and moving some things out of my workout room and into the garage. But since I have other people bringing stuff over during the upcoming week I know my carefully thought out placements will be all shot to Hades.

Lunch. Doug made grilled cheese sandwiches with meat. I dug out two bags of chips. (I don't plan lunches very well...) Mmmm...

After lunch I soothed one exhausted girl into a nap (while Doug held the other down -yes, I'm serious; Brenna abhors naps- until she succumbed to her exhaustion) I was right back to setting up tables and moving things about.

Then a quick shower and off to the park for a small gathering. Which was really the last thing I wanted to do... A nice bath and sleep sounded much better.

At least we had fun. The girls are now in their beds playing (instead of sleeping) - which shoot tomorrow morning's plans of early church right out of the water. sigh

I think I'm done. I hear a soothing bath and a trashy romance calling my name.


The Fritz Facts 11:35 PM  

Our weekends seem so similar! I spent today cleaning, and pulling clothes for our garage sale in two weeks. Busy busy!! Tomorrow it will be more of the same.

Melody 12:40 AM  

I have a really hard time trying to get my kids to nap so I can relate.

I can't wait to come over and see the garage sale stuff.

The soothing bath and trashy romance sounds good to me too.

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