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>> Thursday, July 17, 2008

After spending the morning at the Polk County Fair- where I took some really fun photos of the girls petting animals- I am terribly far behind on, well, everything. So instead of doing what I would like to do- which is tell you all about my experience at a new photo shop in town, show you cut pictures of small children and animals and write about our trip to the Amana Colonies for the travel site- I must do laundry, wash dishes, shower and just take care of household stuff.

Because I have a babysitter to pick up at 5pm so Doug & I can have a night out with Glenn.

Have a great day! I'll see you all tomorrow!


Tamara 3:06 PM  

look forward to hearing about your adventures. Sounds like you guys need a mini vacation... how 'bout up north and east for a camping trip or something :)

pjmomof3boys 9:12 PM  

Have fun tonight!! I'm jealous. Glenn was sold out when I looked into it...Instead I spent 2.5 hours with 3-year-olds! :)

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