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I'm 88% Financially Fit- What Are You?

>> Tuesday, July 08, 2008

OK, so by now you’re probably all sick of my debt advice, my little tips and my stories. Too bad. I just took a little quiz to figure out my financial fitness.

And… I didn’t do too badly- an 88%. I can say that the only reason I scored so high is because we are taking all the right steps to become financially secure. We know what bills we have, we’ve worked out a (very) extensive budget, we quit using credit and we are paying cash for practically everything.

On top of that we have a will, have life insurance and we have a “rainy day” fund.

If we didn’t have the amount of debt that we do and if we had college funds started for the girls my score would have been higher.

After you fill out your BillsIQ (www.bills.com/iq) it will lead you through your results and some resources to help you with your debt, such as Debt consolidation, your free credit report (hey, didn’t I just write about that earlier?) and mortgage information.

Then you can compare yourself to others in your age range, state and education level. I’m above average (average being 86%).

Does that make me feel good? Darn right. I know I’m on the right path.


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