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Get A Deal

>> Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our last FPU class was all about deals. You know- those great things you never pay retail for and must brag about to anyone who will listen.

I admit that I am not good at dealing. Nope, I pay what I am asked and go about my business. Oh, I usually know how much I am willing to pay before I head out to shop and I'm pretty sure I don't get ripped off but I don't make a habit of haggling on price.

Dave has these tips:

*Buy "seasonal" items during the off season.
*Look for great deals on electronics that are a year or two old.
*Always practice comparison shopping. (I always do this)
*Assume that you can always get a better price if you just ask. (I never do this)
*Don't be afraid to say, "That's not good enough!" (I need to work on this)
*Buy on auction sites or price comparison sites (just know your limit if you're on an auction site. Don't over bid because you got caught in the moment)

Once you begin paying for everything with cash you will see the power it has. I honestly can not wait to pay cash for a car- and pay way below the sticker price!

And speaking of deals- don't overlook the mother of all deals: the garage sale.

Which is what I should get back to. I just unpacked and priced enough formal lace tablecloths to make an octogenarian comfortable in my garage...

For more Dave check out his July newsletter online. And don't foget to enter my contest to win the Total Money Makeover book and workbook!


Caitlin 2:22 PM  

Hey, I read you guys got rid of cable. My family hasn't had a tv hooked up to anything for over a year. (It's only used for movies.) We do watch "tv" online though. You can find tons! If you're missing a show check out hulu.com. :) Have a super day!

Caitlin 2:22 PM  
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Anonymous 8:16 AM  

I love garage sales. Due to travel, I don't get to go often, but I plan this weekend to spend time with my mom and to hit a few neighborhood garage sales. Fun!

Thanks for stopping by my site. I always love to meet new friends.

Marie 10:01 AM  

Don't know if Dave mentions it (I'm guessing so), but something I've learned (from my husband, actually) is to really take your time with big purchases. This goes against the "want it now" nature of our society.

I perused autotrader online for months before finding just the low-miles used car I was looking for. I paid cash and have been driving it for 5 years! Haven't had a car payment in 14 years. It is the way to go!!!

Doug H 6:55 PM  

Thanks Mike for the tip about Hulu! I like it...I like it very much!


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