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>> Thursday, July 31, 2008

After almost a week of set up and preparing the garage sale began slowly this evening. Granted, I didn't advertise it to begin to night- I only told a few people and my mom's group that they could come by for a preview. So I'm not going to complain about the results.

Tomorrow, however... Well, that will be another story. I fully expect people to be parked outside my house when I get home with my babysitter at 7:20am. I fully expect people to be packing into my garage while I am trying to get stuff moved out of it. I fully expect to want to tell people off within the first 20 minutes.

But it will all be ok because I fully expect to pay off the balance that remains on my washer and dryer (or pretty darn close). And then my debt snowball will begin to roll...


Melody 10:01 PM  

Hmmmm.....should I be there early?

Fantastagirl 9:05 AM  

if your town is anything like ours they will be there at 7:00 am, and when you leave to go the sitter, they will pounce on your doorstep. Best of luck today - may you have great day!

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