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>> Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Doug and I had a long discussion about cars the other day. Specifically our cars. And how we will never have a car loan again. Cash only from now on. And, honestly, if we get all the bills paid off it won’t take long until I can own my dream car outright. (Thanks Dave!)

Until then we have to keep the ones we have running and in good shape. So when the air conditioning in the truck did a weird thing yesterday I looked in to what repairs and auto ac parts might run me. Because if it’s sputtering it will probably go out soon. (I’m just hoping it will wait until summer is over)

Luckily my dad is a pretty good mechanic and he said it’s probably just the ac compressor (what ever that is) and he can fix it without much hassle. And since I can order the parts online (with free shipping from discountacparts.com) I can save a bundle. ‘Cuz if I feed my dad and buy him some beer he’s paid.


Sally 7:56 PM  

I have to ask - what's your dream car??

Doug H 10:23 AM  

For Jody, it's almost any convertible..... :-)

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