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Caelan Got a New Bed- But She Slept on the Floor Last Night

>> Monday, July 21, 2008

The evening began in her bed. She was very excited to move to a "real" big girl bed and not be sleeping on the trundle any more. It was a very exciting event. And all was going well...

Until about 12:30am when thunder shook the house and lightning continually lit the sky. When I woke I was quite happy that the girls seemed to be sleeping through it. Well, for a couple of minutes, anyway. Very soon they were both downstairs.

To let Doug try to sleep I took the girls downstairs and settled them into the "teddy bear" chairs we got a few years ago at IKEA. Love these chairs... Their "innards" are like a lounge chair and ratchet into different positions allowing the chair to sit straight up, at an incline or lay flat. We had them laying flat with the arms up, "hugging" the girls.

I was able to get the girls settled in and asleep by about 1:45 or so.

And then, just as I was dozing off on the not-so-comfortable couch the tornado siren began to wail. And then Doug came downstairs to tell me the sirens were going off, get the girls in the closet.

We turned on the TV (did I mention that Doug bought an antenna? We now get the local news stations and PBS. Woo-Hoo, we're livin' the high life!) and see that a nasty storm with "rotation" is set to hit us in 60-90 seconds. Nice.
So we nestle the girls in our closet under the stairs (with me) while Doug monitors the storm. The wind was terribly strong and the rain was falling horizontally. It was nasty.
After the worst was gone Doug went back to the cozy bed, Brenna cuddled on her chair and Caelan, well, Caelan was awake and ready to play. Ugh. The last time I saw on the TV was 3:47am as the storm blew itself out of our area and the lightning ceased enough that Caelan wasn't giving me a running weather report.
It took a bit longer to get her to go to sleep on her bear. I wasnot ready for her to wake me, bright and chipper, at 8:30 this morning.
I forsee a lot of caffeine today...


The Fritz Facts 9:08 PM  

Such a nasty night! I am so lucky that Boo would sleep through a mac truck in the house.

Hopefully it will be a better night!!

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