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Iowa Chops

>> Friday, July 11, 2008

What does that make you think of? If you're like me you think of a thick, beautiful piece of meat, golden from the grill and juicy when you cut in to it.


But that will all change as Iowa has a new NHL affiliation with the Mighty Ducks. Luckily we don't have to use their name (as we did with the Stars) hence, the Iowa Chops.

I'm really digging the colors but I'm not real sure about the pig... He does look pretty fierce, though, and I do love some fierce, all-out hockey.

So now that it feels like Iowa has it's own hockey team and not just a cheap by-blow of someone else's let's hope the fans will show up. Even though we can't afford season tickets this year I'll be sure to set aside some cash to attend a few games.

And speaking of attending games- ticket prices have been slashed 38% from last year's prices. Hockey is, in my opinion, the best sport to see live. The excitement never stops. Catch a game or two this year and see if you don't become addicted!


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