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Why My Heart Isn't in San Francisco

>> Friday, July 18, 2008

A few years back Doug & I took a business trip to San Francisco. I hadn’t been pregnant with Brenna for long, in fact I think I had found out a few weeks before the trip, so it would have been late spring/early summer.

I was very excited as I hadn’t been to that part of California before and I spent a lot of time reading up on things to do in San Francisco. But, even though I spent a ot of time on my research, I wasn't really prepared. I wish I would have known about Trusted Tours & Attractions online travel guides then. I'm sure I would have enjoyed the city much more if I would have taken the Trolley Hop or amotorized cable car tour.

As it was we walked through the city and admired it. My most memorable experience was at a great restaurant on the Wharf. But it didn't leave me with a longing to return. Which is probably why we should... Someday.

But now I am too busy researching things to do in Orlando. I know there's more than the Mouse (like Kennedy Space Center and alligators) and I want to be sure we see everything we want to see.

Luckily Trusted Tours & Attractiosn has me covered there... They even have a newsletter that keeps me up to date. And if you sign up now you are entered to win a $150 iTunes gift card. That's a lot of music for the drive...


Anonymous 11:57 PM  

Just skimming posts while we are traveling...so when will you be in Orlando??? We arrive there October 14th!

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