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Cut & Run

>> Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Driving home from the grocery store I had the radio on and tuned to Glenn Beck. Yeah, nothing new there. Presidential politics were the topic and the host (who was not Glenn, he's on vacation) was talking about Barack Obama's "cut and run" policy.

Which, quite honestly, I don't think he would or could do if he were to become President. There are just too many things going on over there. A timeline to leave, yes; cut & run, no.


I hear a question from the back seat: "Mommy, what's "cut and run"?

Now how do you answer a question like that for a three and a half year old?

So I did the best I could: "Cut and run is when you start something and leave before it is finished. We are at war in Iraq right now and some people want us to leave them before they are safe and protected; before our work is done."

And what did Brenna get from it?

"Bad people cut and run, good people stay and finish. We're good people."

Yep, folks, my kid is learning well.


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Fantastagirl 4:16 PM  

You are such a good mommy!

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