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Why Are Mother-in-Laws So Difficult to Buy For?

>> Monday, March 24, 2008

Well… Crud. Yet another Mother’s Day is approaching and I have to figure out what to get Doug’s mom. Now I know most of you are saying, “It’s Doug’s mom, let him figure it out.”

Which I would gladly do… Except it wouldn’t get done without me “nagging” him up to and past Mother’s Day about it. It’s just easier to do it myself.

Doug’s mom lives in Texas so the gift thing tends to be difficult. We’ve had gift certificates sent to her at home but have never heard if she has used the services (or even received the gift certificate). We’ve hooked her up to internet access only to have it not get used. We even got her a digital photo frame for Christmas (only to be told a few months later that it was broken (?). No worries… We bought a extended warranty- just in case. Now we are told that she doesn’t actually have it… Mmmm…

So I am searching for non-technical mothers day gifts. I’m thinking of taking some pictures of Doug and the girls and making a collage on Photofiddle. Or maybe having one shot turned into a painting or a sketch… Just something different than a photo…


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