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The Passion

>> Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tonight at my small group for church we watched The Passion of the Christ. I hadn't seen it before, wasn't really sure I was ready to see it. I know the story, have read the passages in the Bible. Last year my church even brought in an expert on Crucifixion, so I had a great understanding of what Christ went through.

But none of that came close to preparing me for the movie. The emotion of seeing Christ's mother really hit home with me. And made my heart ache. The violence He endured and the apparent joy in his tormentors faces was tormenting.

I'm pretty sure the movie will continue to haunt me as I move forward in my understanding of the Gospel.

I'm still not sure I was ready to see it... I think I may be in a bit of shock.


Sincerely Iowa 8:18 AM  

We bought that movie almost a year ago, and it still sits on our DVD shelf, unopened. I just can't bear to watch it. I think I need to wait for an afternoon when everyone is gone, so I can dvote my full attention to it. I've heard it's a very powerful movie.

Jody 8:24 AM  

Powerful is an understatement. I'm haunted by it.


I saw it a few years ago and it still haunts me.

Jill 12:02 PM  

I've never seen it and may wait a few years.

Fantastagirl 4:21 PM  

I've wanted to see it, but have put if off honestly, I don't know that I could watch it. Haunted, yeah, I'll wait a few more years too!

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