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Westward Ho!

>> Monday, March 24, 2008

I used to be a pretty crazy girl. More like unpredictable crazy than outright nuts. If you look at my vacations, though, they are usually pretty tame. I’ve never been one to do wild things on vacation.

Probably the “craziest” thing I ever did was go to Ireland by myself in 2003. I loved every minute of it. You are really forced to talk to people otherwise you spend your entire vacation completely alone. And what fun is that?

Now, if you want to talk about stupid things I’ve done on vacation I suppose I would have to say walking more than 2 miles after dark in San Fransisco stands out. But it was our first night there and we were there on business. I would have liked to spend more time exploring the city since there are so many things to do in San Francisco. I can, however, recommend a couple of really good restaurants.

But that will have to wait for another time. The next time we go to California (assuming it isn’t under water or a part of Mexico by then) we plan to visit the southern part and hit the San Diego zoo.

Before we go I'll be using all the family vacation ideas I have saved in my favorites; including Trusted Tours and Attractions. I get their newsletter so I know what's new and can get discount tickets for interesting tours. Just an FYI- sign up for the newsletter now and be entered to win an iPod Nano.


Cindy 8:12 PM  

We were at the San Diego Zoo last week! Love, love, loved it!

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