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>> Monday, March 10, 2008

OK, I admit it… I’m one of those people. Everything has a place and I know where it is. So I cringe when Doug puts away practically anything because I know that something will be in the wrong place and the next time I need it I will have to search for the place that he put it- which made sense to him- but is completely illogical to me. And it will frustrate me and, quite possibly, cause me to mutter things about him that aren’t so nice.

This issue extends all over the house- from the kitchen to the office. I’m thinking of getting a label writer and printing labels. It almost makes me giddy thinking about putting stickers on shelves that say: “Doug’s Lunch Foods” or “Snacks”.

In the office I would love to organize his shelves and desk with labels for the spot for printer paper (because I never find it in the same spot) and labels. I’ve also been hearing a lot about online stamps, which I’ve never really considered before but since I always run out of postage at the most inopportune times (and the post office is such a hassle to get to) I’m considering something like this:

Because, quite honestly, anything that saves me frustration is well worth the money. Just ask Doug…


Doug H 2:37 PM  

Yes Dear....


Anonymous 10:51 AM  

I just read your article on Dymo label printers and just thought I would leave a short comment. I use to own a printer very much like the Dymo ones but I was never really a big fan of them as I found mine very temperamental. I decided to look for other ways to get my labels printed. I found a company called Mercian Labels who now do all my label printing for me at such a low cost and they are so efficient I would never go back and print my own labels again.

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