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A Spring-y Little Scrap Bribing

>> Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's that time again... Time for me to give away some great goodies all in the name of bribery. Because, you see, the more people who visit the higher my page rank. The higer my page rank the more money comes in. The more money in the more generous I become. You help me, I give away stuff. Fair, yes?

So, anyway, on with the bribery...

Look at all these great goodies I have for you this month. I was influenced by the thoughts of spring and summer... Just look at those colors!

To break it down for you a bit... Our goodies begin with a great pack (20 sheets) of 8x8 pages. 2 sheets each of the patterned paper and 2 sheets each of the die cut papers. Yep, that pretty row at the bottom- scalloped edges and cut outs. Such fun to play with!

What good is that great paper pack without an album? I just love this green 8x8 top insert album. With space in the cover for a photo- and you can add pages! I also included 5 sheets of coordinating cardstock. You can never have too much paper.

Next is ribbon- lots of coordinating ribbon. You can jazz up the cover with some ribbon- just tie it around the front cover of the album. I also tossed in my favorite ribbon tack- continuous line Glue Dots!

And when have I forgotten the bling? Again, you can use thes goodies in the album- or give the front a bit more pizzazz. I am just in love with those circles! And the medium size flowers are great accents for spring photos.

So there it is- what do you think?

For those of you new to my little give away, here's how we play:

  1. Leave me a nice comment. That gets you entered once.
  2. Write a nice little post on your blog. Link to this post. That gets you another entry.
  3. Make sure you tell everyone who visits from your blog to tell me you sent them. For every comment that mentions your name I will give you another entry.

So easy! And the more people you send me the better your chances to win. So give me some linky love and get your readers over here!

The random number generator spins on March 31. Leave a comment now & get those posts up! Good luck!!


Anonymous 2:34 PM  

Pick me!! Pick me!!! Too bad this doesn't end before we go to Archiver's....LOL

Amanda B.

*carrie* 2:27 PM  


What a fantastic prize! I love fun paper, and spring colors is even better. Thanks for doing another drawing!

lila 6:49 AM  

Great stuff Jodi--I dont suppose the fact my B-day is on Tuesday will help my cause any? lol

Linky luv coming your way via both of my blogs.

lila 6:51 AM  

Ok--one more post for blog #2 :)
No kids--just ME!
Take pity--I need some Spring after getting yet more snow.
A foot to be exact--on the 21st--I dont know about down your way but we have gotton over a 100 inches this yr!


Birdie 8:17 AM  

I'm never one to pass up a freebie! Sissy & I could have some fun with this. How cool!

Birdie 8:27 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Birdie 8:28 AM  

sorry...the link is now in place at The Crooked Maple.

Kiera 12:43 PM  

Im not much into scrappbooking but my friend That Girl is so please give my entry to her. : )

Anonymous 8:15 PM  

Count me IN for this...terrific prizes!! Going to my blog right now to leave some linky love!

Anonymous 8:54 AM  

I'd love to be entered - such fun stuff! Thanks for the give-a-way. My wonderful sister-in-law, carrie @ with all that i've been given, sent me over here.


Anonymous 9:23 AM  

I loved looking at those spring colors. I can't wait to have warm hands again! I would love to win all of that loot.
Carrie from will all that I've been given sent me here.

Tamara B 9:26 AM  

Okay, it does look like a lot of fun but i generally try not to sign up since I won once upon a time.

I'm ready for a trip to Archiver's. Only, my next planned meeting isn't till May. Hmm, maybe when we go down to Neal Smith's, we can get together.

Anonymous 10:51 AM  

Of course I want to be entered! I love these give-a-ways! :)

And I'll be posting a bit of linky love over at my place.

Thanks for the chance to win.

Anonymous 12:17 PM  

I would love to Win. enter me please.
Kim F. KY

Karin 12:57 PM  

Please enter me--thanks! (Iowa Mom sent me.)

Anonymous 5:35 PM  

Ooh, I wish we had an Archiver's here in SoCal. Please enter me in your drawing -- and my friend Cindy too who talks about you in The Babbling Brooks!

Amy 6:55 PM  

Yay I just adore giveaways! Please do enter me, I came from Carrie's blog - with all that I've been given! Going now to post this on my blog as well!

The Fritz Facts 7:36 AM  

Linky love in place! Count me in. Thanks as always. The stuff you pick out is so fabulous!

Melody 2:22 PM  

You can enter me. I need to get started on my scrapbooking again. I went to Archivers for the very first time last week and it was wonderful.

*carrie* 4:23 PM  

Yay--I see a few people followed the link from my blog: http://watibg.blogspot.com/2008/03/smorgasbord.html

Anonymous 11:12 PM  

Nice, very nice. Montana Cindy sent me. DH

Gigi 9:18 PM  

Love you BLOG... what a fabulous prize. Cindy Brooks from Montana sent me.


mama2dibs 11:19 PM  

I'm here! Almost missed it this month. :)

Anonymous 11:34 PM  

Cindy Brooks sent me here. I hope she wins your wonderful stuff!

Anonymous 1:42 AM  

Here's a vote for that Babbling Cindy Brooks - maybe she'll scrap together a picture of my great nephew and actually physically send it!! :) Great Uncle Dave from Shelton, WA

Anonymous 1:43 AM  

Here's a vote for Brooks - hope she's a republican! :)

Love, Aunt Suzibrat

Anonymous 10:01 PM  

Sign me up! I came across your site via With Everything I've Been Given. Love the scrapbook stuff, and I need to get back into it! :)

Anonymous 10:25 AM  

Cindy - the babbling brooks - is my "baby" sister and I wouldlove to see her win the prize. She has made me several very cool memory books.

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