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Noone Has to Know

>> Thursday, March 13, 2008

It’s no secret that I like my accessories. Jewelry, shoes, bags… I love them all. And once upon a time I didn’t even glance at the price tags but bought what I liked. Now, as a full time mommy, I still like all the goodies but there is no way I can afford the “real” stuff. So I buy what I lovingly call the “replicated” thing.

And, somewhat surprisingly to me, I have no problem buying replica items. Since I am spending less I can buy more. And because accessories change season to season I don’t feel badly if I wear a piece only a few times. And, besides, most people can’t tell the difference…

Check out this tiffany and co wholesale jewelry. Who’s gonna look closely enough to know it’s not real? Shopreplica.com has other brands, too; like Bvlgari and Gucci, Chanel and Cartier, Dolce and Dior.

Remember- noone has to know it’s not real but you and your wallet.


Birdie 10:38 AM  

truly! I found a real Kenneth Cole, buttery soft, lipstick red 17" leather purse at the thrift store in perfect condition for only $16! I couldn't pay for that thing fast enough!

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