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I Feel Like Such a Bad Mom

>> Thursday, March 20, 2008

This week has been rough. My hormones are all over the place as my "cycle" can't get itself on a regular cycle. Sometimes a week early, sometimes just a couple of days.

Brenna is on spring break which is difficult as Caelan is pretty dependent on her one-on-one time with me and has been very whiney and clingy. So they are both hanging on me.

And I've been losing my temper with them too much. And then I feel rotten.

But when we go out they are perfect. They listen. They obey. Everyone compliments me on what wonderful kids I have.

I picked up my Thursday babysitter at 1 pm today instead of 3. I honestly plan to hide from my kids until we have small (church) group tonight. Otherwise I may take a header from our second story window or run away. (No, not really. Don't call social services.)

It's just one of those weeks...


sue 11:53 AM  

Excuse me... I think it is called being HUMAN. That is all...

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