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More Freebies Coming Your Way

>> Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Well, I got all the requested info sent in to Budget Travel and am anxiously awaiting their June issue. (In case you missed the news, my travel blog was named one of their “Top 15”.)

I am expecting a big surge in readers when that issue is released and again when they put the article on their website. So I am thinking about doing some give-aways. In addition to asking all the companies I have reviewed for goodies I also want something to promote my website. And since it’s a travel website I, of course, am thinking about travel items.

I’m considering a travel tote, but there are so many options for Business Promotional Items at Gimmees.com that I’m not really sure what I’ll do…

Head over there, take a look around, and give me your input. You all know I like a good giveaway…


The Fritz Facts 5:55 PM  

The hanging utility kit is fabulous, and that is only up to page three! They have some great travel stuff, for such a good price! Bookmarking that site for sure.

Lissete 8:38 PM  

Luggage Tas always come in handy. I'm especially liking the flip one. Don't know why. Oh, and that 12 in 1 Travel Tool way cool too! Haven't seen that before.

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