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Who's Hosting?

>> Thursday, March 20, 2008

If you’re looking to host your own site the options can be overwhelming. Trust me… I’ve been there. There are dozens of web hosting companies out there vying for your dollars… Picking the right one can feel a bit dizzying.

If you are looking for some insight I recommend you check out WebHostingChoice.com. It’s a free guide designed to help both businesses and individuals find the right hosting company for them.

The home page shows a listing of the 10 best hosting sites (one of which I use). It’s a great place to begin. If you’re not really sure what you are looking for or are new to the whole web hosting thing check out their quick start guide and FAQs. If you’ve got some geek in you then try their advanced feature and search specifically for the features you want from a hosting provider.

WebHostingChoice.com can help you with everything from cheap hosting and domains to understanding bandwidth and dedicated servers to the lowdown on scams. They even offer a monthly newsletter filled with web hosting tips, coupons and info from leading technology experts.

Lots of information in one place in an easy-to-use format. It’s definitely a great place to begin.


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