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Tan or Pale?

>> Thursday, March 27, 2008

If there is one thing I could take from my life it would be the time I spent roasting my body in the sun and tanning beds. I am beginning to see the results of the sun as I age and you can bet I slather my body in sunscreen, wear hats and sit in the shade as much as possible now.

I may be a lost cause but while I have some semblance of control I make sure my girls have sun protective clothing and sunscreen. The swimsuits I buy them have “surfer shirts” instead of tiny tops to keep those oft-burnt shoulders covered and I try to keep brimmed hats on them. Brenna’s new swimsuit even has SPF 50 protection.

I haven’t used any wash in sunscreen because I’m not really sure how to add it in my washer- but I think it’s a pretty good idea. I found it at SunsationalStyle.com- along with everything I could want for sun protection: clothing, hats, shades and, of course, sunscreen.

Do you have regrets about sun exposure? Do you do anything to keep your kids from overexposing?



You should go and read Greeblemonkey.com she has a post about sun protection.

The Fritz Facts 9:03 AM  

I am a sunscreen freak! I have bottles everywhere, and the kids wear it year round. We found out the hard way that a child can burn on a 40 degree day when they are out for almost three hours. The poor guy.
We don't get the protective suits, because of Hunter's fabric issues, but they are lathered with a lotion that goes from purple to clear once it is rubbed in. This lotion, can't remember the name, has worked very well for us, especially when we are at the cabin and out all day long.
I grew up outside non-stop from morning til night. We never put sunscreen on. Playing softball in the blazing heat did a number on my skin, something I am working to clear up now. My dad has had many spot removed from his face and arms. The man never ever wore sun screen, and paid the price after time.
Point to this...love sun screen, and love your skin!!

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