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>> Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Since I got my Flip video camera I have been posting a lot more video. First I was putting it on my Photobucket page. Then I upgraded myself to YouTube. (Yes, later than everyone else in the free world. Sometimes I don't like change all that much.)

Not long ago I was reading an article about other video download sites and decided to check them out. And that's how I found Revver.

It's got a quick upload time which is nice because there were times that it felt like forever as my videos loaded on to YouTube. Part of the reason I chose Revver, though, is because I can earn money from it. I'm all about earning money... (Pays the sitter so I can get away once in a while...) Another thing I like is that all videos are reviewed before they are available for viewing to avoid obscene or copyrighted materials.

If you post a lot of video this is definately worth checking out...
Here's a video I posted of Caelan...


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