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Easter - A Day Early

>> Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter was a day early in our house due to the insanely busy weekend. What is it about holidays that family "must" get together? sigh

It was really cool this year because Caelan "got it". Well, the finding of eggs part... We'll keep working on the "Jesus rose from the dead" part.

Here's Brenna digging into her loot. Yes, my child has some amazing bed head. The girls got basically the same things: A spring dress and shoes (which it was too cold to wear), a hooded towel (on sale at Pottery Barn Kids- we get them one every Easter and use the onld one for a pool wrap), Godiva chocolate bunny, a couple of small toys, an Easter bag from the Dollar Spot at Target ('cuz Easter baskets are a pain. What do you do with them after Easter? These are cheap and we just add them to their toys), and a Play Doh goodie from Kohl's ($4.99).

Caelan was enthralled with her GOLD bunny. Yep, the girl likes sparkle.. She's gonna cost her daddy a bundle...
Then the fun of the hunt began...
Look! It's an EGG!
And after all the eggs were captured it was time for breakfast.
C'mon- doesn't everyone have peanut butter eggs and jelly beans for breakfast?
Here's some live Easter action!


Melody 9:09 AM  

I think you should be allowed to have peanut butter eggs and jelly beans for breakfast every day. Our youngest, AD also really enjoyed hunting for the Easter eggs finally. I am not quite sure what they told him in Sunday School though because he keeps telling me that "Jesus died on the first cross and his daddy (AD's) has to go find him." Hmmm...

Anonymous 9:55 AM  

They are precious! It was such a treat to revisit little ones searching for eggs..."that silly Easter Bunny" :) h~

The Fritz Facts 10:04 AM  

our kids love the egg hunting. They each get their own color and must find them all, and their basket. I always get some great "I can't find the last one" pictures. Thank goodness we use plastic eggs for that part of the hunt! We found one this year from last year.

Bou 7:13 PM  

I loved these pictures!!! :)

I always laugh when I see my Mom beat me to my blog rounds. Heh.

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