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Brenna's Day on the Farm

>> Monday, March 31, 2008

As I think about this I am pretty sure I posted these pictures way back when they were taken- May 2007. Yes, I am very far behind on my scrapping. I'm sure I'll catch up- when the girls are in Jr. High...

Lately we've been singing a lot of "Old McDonald" as Caelan is learning animal sounds and really likes joining in on the "EIEIO". So when I pulled these photos out of my "to be scrapped" file the inspiration was waiting.

I had too many photos for one page but not quite enough for two. So I pulled out Page Flippers. Mine are 6"x12" but they are also available in 3"x12". Love, love, love these. (Note to self- give away for scrap bribing...)

Here is what you see when the flipper is closed:

Can you read the EIEIO? Doug couldn't figure it out...

And opened...
A bit of wishblade cutting, some ribbon and stamping... I really like this page.

I get my flippers at Archiver's. Now- just something to remember when you use these... Apply the flipper to the page protector (if you use one)- not the page itself. Trust me.


The Fritz Facts 9:04 AM  

I have never seen those page flippers...do they have them at Archeivers? I must get some!

I got the EIEIO part, it is fun.

Tamara B 1:24 PM  

ooh, i like the flippers... i so need to get on the ball. for pete's sake, bethany is 9 months and I haven't even started a book for her. in fact, I don't even think I've purchased one yet!

Birdie 5:43 PM  

isn't that just the niftiest thing? I bet he never could look at those computer generated pictures from the 90's where you'd stare at them fuzzy eyed and you could see an image stand out. I forget what they're called. Remember those?

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