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Is Anybody Hungry?

>> Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ok, so when I began thinking about this post the title immediately popped into my head. Anyone know what song it's from? The first person to tell me gets a bunch of candy... We have so much from Easter, Valentine's, Christmas... And I want it gone! (Sorry, but no Godiva chocolate bunnies will be sacrificed for this contest.)

Anyway, when we returned from Ireland I felt like I had gained 10 pounds. I didn't step on the scale so it may have been more. But I felt blah, icky, sluggish... You name it, I felt it.

So when I saw the commercials for the show on TLC, I Can Make You Thin I figured I would watch it, just to see what's what.

And it's still sitting on TiVo. But I did see a portion of the first episode which seems to be about how you eat. I saw a bit about eating whatever you want but only eating when you are hungry.

How many of us actually allow ourselves to get hungry? I didn't. So today, while the girls had lunch, I cleaned a bit. I wasn't hungry for lunch until almost 3pm. So I ate then.

Another bit I saw was about the pace you eat. He suggested putting down your knife and fork after every bite and chewing your food completely, savoring it, before taking another bite. This way you can actually feel when you are full sooner and not over eat. I ate slower last night but didn't feel any signals to stop and finished my meal. But it wasn't a huge meal- just a boneless pork chop and asparagus, so I may not have overeaten.

I suppose we'll see how long I can stick with these concepts. I've tried so many things over the years (food diary, counting points, calories, etc) and I just don't want to have to "work" so hard at it. This doesn't feel like it will be too hard; more like re-learning what your body feels like and recognizing it's signals.


The Fritz Facts 7:17 AM  

It was interesting to watch. It is about recognizing your own bodies signals and listening to them. It makes sense when you think about it.

Jennifer 10:42 AM  

The weight watchers Core Plan is exactly that. You eat when your body tells you, and you eat what is healthy.

I'm doing weight watchers and enjoying it. I've lost 11.4 lbs so far! I am also happy with the fact that this is what's going to stick with me for life. Well if I am determined to do so it will.

Good luck!

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